Staff List

All Northern House School (Oxford) staff are carefully selected to ensure only the very best, aptly qualified and experienced professional staff are recruited to help the school and all its students achieve maximum potential. 


Jonathan Willis - Headteacher

Michelle Griffiths - Deputy Headteacher



Anthony Buckle

Emma Fleet

Diane Lee

Lindsay McClimont

Katrina Morgan

Hannah Willis

Alice Youngman

Tracy Perkin

Hannah Willis

Kailey Alden

Leah Spiers

Robert Moar


Assistant Teachers

Amy Edwards

Elizabeth Hiner

Charlotte Hiner

Yvonne Turner

Nicole Mooney

Mai Mason

Helen Ackland

Linda Holden

Sue Spiers

Sarah Smith

Rochelle Walker

Kerry Nicholson

Agatella Bonanno

Lauren Seatter

Owen Summersbee

Julie Fujak

Michelle Rolfe


Higher Level Assistant Teachers

Hannah Hughes

Lucy Murray


Integration and Outreach Team

Sarah Richens - Manager

Nathalie Downing - Teacher

Dawn Dickenson - Teaching Assistant


Administrative Staff

Julie Moloney - Pupil Administrator 

Faustine Petron - Business Administration Apprentice 

Helen Barstow - School Business Manager


Site Staff

Neil Cherry - Site Manager

Hazel Shelton - Food Preparation & Server


     All details correct as of  23/11/2017 @ 13:30