Management of Teaching & Learning

  • Classes will be assigned a class teacher and an assistant teacher. The term ‘assistant teacher’ will replace the more widely used term ‘teaching assistant’. (This is to emphasise the important teaching role that the assistant has in supporting individual pupils)

  • Senior leadership will ensure high quality teaching and learning by;
    • providing regular and relevant CPD opportunities for teachers and assistant teachers

    • monitoring pupils’ books in a systematic way

    • conducting lesson observations that provide written feedback to both teachers and assistant teachers; such lesson observations will be timetabled in six times per year on a formal basis, and as regularly as is deemed necessary by leadership on an informal basis

    • supporting and challenging teachers and assistant teachers to achieve expected or better than expected academic progress in all curriculum areas through regular and detailed examination of BSquared and CASPA data

    • responding positively to requests by teachers and assistant teachers for guidance, support and resourcing

    • engaging all teachers and assistant teachers in an annual appraisal cycle that includes periodic reviews