Rewards & Consequences

  • Pupils will be involved in their own target setting in terms of both academic progress and behaviour

  • Pupils will be rewarded for achieving agreed targets. These rewards will include short periods of ‘golden time’ – no more than 15 minutes each day -certificates, small prizes, and termly trips to venues chosen by the pupils (eg bowling, ice skating, pantomime)

  • Pupils failing to achieve their daily academic targets may be asked to complete work while others are enjoying their ‘golden time’

  • Pupils failing to meet their behaviour targets may be asked to make reparation for any damage caused, engage in meetings or other activities to restore broken relationships with peers or staff members, attend meetings with senior staff and their parents or carers

  • Fixed term exclusions will apply when, in the opinion of the Headteacher, such an action is necessary

  • No pupil will be denied access to any part of the curriculum as a consequence of their poor behaviour : the only exception to this is when that pupil’s presence at a lesson or activity (onsite or offsite) poses an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of the pupil or other pupils or adults. In such an instance, exclusion from that lesson or activity is a proper, risk-assessed response.