The School Day

8:45 am - 2:45 pm

Children will normally arrive and leave by minibus or taxi, which is provided by the local authority. Unless pupils live close enough to walk or cycle.

On arrival, a member of staff will be present and will direct children out of transport and into class, where there will be a Teacher and Teaching Assistant.


Each pupil is offered toast and a glass of milk for breakfast (sometimes crumpets or breakfast muffins are available). 


Each class has a 15 minute morning break. A morning snack is available in every classroom which a teaching assistant will hand out with a glass of water.


Lunch time is in two sittings - 11:55am to 12:25pm and 12:35pm to 1:05pm. Pupils can have a school lunch, a school packed lunch or bring their own packed lunches.


During the day the pupils will have scheduled lessons. The lessons available are: Literacy, Numeracy, History, Geography, Science, Design Technology, R.E., Computing, P.E and P.S.H.C.E.


Each child will be given homework on Monday, to be handed in on Friday.


(Here is a copy of the Pupil Booklet 2017)