It's Great To Be Back!

message by Ian Barker, Chief Executive Officer

It’s Great To Be Back!

I do hope that all our pupils and staff have enjoyed the long, hot summer. I certainly have. But now it’s time for us all to get back to work. Nationally, the year ahead is likely to be turbulent to say the least. There are so many uncertainties surrounding our proposed exit from the European Union that it’s hard to know what the country will look like in twelve months time.

In education, pupils face curriculum and examination changes and our Trust can look forward to another revision in the OFSTED inspection framework from September 2019.

Our schools are dutybound to prepare our pupils for this unpredictable future. While academic knowledge and technical skills will continue to serve our youngsters well, there are many life skills and personal attributes that will become increasingly important.

Amongst these qualities are adaptability and resilience.

One set of skills will not be enough to take today’s youth through their lifetimes. They will need to learn how to learn, how to change course, as the world moves on. For instance, thousands of employees in the automotive industry are currently retraining to produce electric and driverless vehicles when it seems like only yesterday that such ideas were just pie in the sky.

All of us will face setbacks along the way. Life can be unfair and cruel, but there is excitement in not knowing what is around the corner. The ability to bounce back from defeat, disappointment or despair is ultimately the key to success.

The very best teachers and assistant teachers in our schools do this every day. They model resilience for our pupils. Whatever happens on Monday is not allowed to affect their Tuesday. They get up, dust themselves down and start all over again. I know from speaking to many pupils over many years, that children recognise and respect this. 

One thing that will not change is the commitment of Northern House School Academy Trust to keeping all our children safe, working hard to help them secure great individual outcomes and bright futures.


Have a wonderful year.


Ian Barker

Mr Ian Barker, CEO
Mr Ian Barker, CEO