We're Going to the Zoo!

Wren Class would like to say a big thank you to the Rotary Club for the trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park; for transporting us all there and back safely and for providing us with such a yummy lunch. We all had a great day and were so lucky that it didn’t rain all day! When we first arrived at the park we walked around with our group looking at all the different animals and finding out facts about their diet and habitat. Some of the animals were hard to find because they were hiding in their enclosures but we worked as a team and managed to spot them all. We really liked the tigers – but why didn’t they wake up? The penguins at feeding time were the clear class favourite. After an exciting morning seeing so many different animals from meerkats to monkeys we met up with all the other classes for a picnic lunch and then we still had some time to visit the playpark- where a few fears were conquered going down a very tall slide. All the staff are really proud of how well behaved the children were. They set a good example for the school and had a lovely day.